Our Mission

Broadwood Media, a production company from  TV, Stage, and Film veteran Bruce Reisman, was created to develop and produce motion picture, television, and stage projects.

Based in Los Angeles and now New York, Broadwood’s founder has expanded to focus on theatrical productions, written by the playwright himself to be developed in Los Angeles, Mid West, and East Coast regional theaters.

The new company’s name was inspired by founder Bruce Reisman’s multi-generational love for all things New York-based, especially live theatre, and his passion for all things Hollywood, beyond cinema.

Broadwood plans to venture into the world of live theatre, a return for Bruce Reisman, who has directed and written over a dozen plays in Los Angeles and in other major cities.

His original play, “Blank”, his first stage work in 30 years, premiered in Los Angeles in 2014 and has since work shopped under its new title, “Drinks Prior to An Abstract Version of the Truth”.  Playing mostly under the radar, as most new works do, several critics have hailed Reisman’s play.   Producers are now planning to find the right off-Broadway venue for a Spring 2019 premiere.

His last two original plays, “The Fresca Wars” and “Arc Light” both of which he directed as well as wrote, became two of the longest running Equity Waiver plays in Los Angeles history.  Each ran close to a year in 99-seat venues.

“As Long as I’m Famous”, the feature adaptation (with a completely new story line) has completed principal photography as of June 2018, currently in post-production.  It features a stellar cast of stage and screen veterans, along with newcomers trained in the theatre.

Says Reisman, “I avoid, at all costs, hiring actors who have no appeared on stage.

Future projects include a 22-episode mini-series for the Paramount Network, based on his novel SEXUAL JUSTICE.

Although completion and release of AS LONG AS I’M FAMOUS is at the top of Broadwood’s priorities, Reisman has begun a new project, CLOSING TIME, which will begin as a half-hour pilot.  He will direct his original script, which he plans to include members of his AS LONG AS I’M FAMOUS family. Although he’s keeping a lid on the series’ plot, he will reveal that its home base is a dive bar called The Dog House, helmed by its owner, the resident bartender, and beautiful cocktail hostess.  Each episode will be a self-contained, uplifting story.  That’s all he’ll say.




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