AS LONG AS I’M FAMOUS, inspired by Bruce Reisman’s play and short film, “Drinks Prior”, this feature is a fact-based account of a New York summer in 1948.  Told through the eyes of legendary director, Sidney Lumet, who at the time of our story is 24, it is one young aspiring artist’s recollection of the classic, real-life celebrities and lived and loved with.

The distinguished cast features “veteran” newcomer, AARON FORS, as Lumet.   Child actor at age 6, Aaron continues his career starting in NY theatre to Hollywood.  He is joined by former BAYWATCH star, DAVID CHOKACHI, portraying legendary boxing champ, GENE TUNNEY; it is a revealing performance that his world wide fans will be stunned to see.

GAVIN ADAMS is making his feature film “leading man” debut as MONTGOMERY CLIFT, whom Lumet had a very private “bromance”, kept well-hidden during  1948.  With a face made for the camera, Gavin captures Clift’s mysterious, shy, and piercing sexiness.  It is sometimes a quiet performance, then becoming passionate and sad; evoking the troubled life of the Hollywood icon.

CAMILLE MONTGOMERY is our leading lady, portraying real-life Broadway luminary, NEDDA HARRIGAN LOGAN.  Married to JOSHUA LOGAN until his death in 1988, Nedda endured many separations and enjoyed a loving relationship with Gene Tunney, depicted lovingly in AS LONG AS I’M FAMOUS, he, who brings much needed passion into Nedda’s spurts of loneliness.

Between Lumet’s 4 marriages, he was engaged to a beautiful “blind” lady, adapted for the screen here and portrayed by radiant CHELSEA JORDANN, with the face of a young Grace Kelly and a depth to match.  Her often funny, sexy, and ultimately heart-breaking performance owns the screen.  Once SID and MONTY become “buddies” at the Actors Studio, her sexual curiosity and passion for both men, opens a can of worms she wasn’t expecting.

ERIC LUTES, a veteran of Broadway and TV, portrays the more than historical, RICHARD RODGERS; whose 1948 was a private hell as his and Hammerstein’s major flop, ALLEGRO, was opening on Broadway.  Based on his true friendship with the Logans, Dick escapes his fears in the company of good friends, whom he becomes emotionally involved as well.

Another veteran, TRACY NELSON (daughter of iconic RICKY NELSON), rounds out the cast as silent screen star, THEDA BARA, who veered off the beaten path to become part of Sidney Lumet’s eccentric and exhilarating extended family.

Without revealing “the big reveal” at the end of the story, MICHAEL PARE, an international film icon dating back to EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS, appears in the deeply moving, surprising final moments of the story.

AS LONG AS I’M FAMOUS pays homage to the Golden age of Broadway and Hollywood, pulling back the curtain the reveal that these “famous” people struggle and survive like everyone else, but do it wearing tuxes and tails.

Director-Writer was fortunate to find RYAN BROWN, an innovative cinematographer, to evoke the several “looks” that Reisman wanted for each sequence.  Audiences will see a completely unique film, visually and emotionally; often drifting between vivid Technicolor, raw Black & White noir, and the “surreal” inspired by the likes of Bob Fosse’s CABARET and ALL THAT JAZZ.