3D-Streaming Operator With Multiplying Boundary Conditions: by Borgioli G., Totaro S.

By Borgioli G., Totaro S.

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Liu, Wang, Tan, Koh, and Ee (2009) point out, “learners are motivated to satisfy these needs because they are considered essential for personal growth and well-being” (p. 139). A. Dousay et al. As beginning scholars, doctoral students are constantly faced with information that stresses upon them the importance to grow academically throughout the course of their studies. This importance may well be a motivation trigger for some team members to complete coursework and conduct academic research. Considering that research has indicated a positive association between metacognitive strategies and motivational constructs (Bartels & Magun-Jackson 2009), SPS capitalizes on cognitive learning processes to engage students in a research project that fosters an authentic research experience with meaningful outcomes.

Images can be uploaded so that students can personalize their stories with cartoon images or pictures from their daily life. The TeacherMate is now in use in nearly 300 schools throughout the United States. Currently, the creators of the TeacherMate have begun collaborating with Stanford University’s School of Education to bring TeacherMates to disadvantaged communities around the globe. Pilot programs already have commenced in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, the Philippines, Rwanda, and Uganda (Fig.

Indeed, a literacy barrier will necessarily prevent youth from engaging in any type of peace education. It is in this context that we think multimedia technology offers distinct advantages, which could allow young people to connect through audio–video media, before or while they are developing their literacy skills. Given the rapid rise of mobile devices able to capture movies or pictures and recordings, we believe that mobile technologies or smartphones could be the next wave of innovative peace education, which could reach even pre-literate children.

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