A Complex Analysis Problem Book by Daniel Alpay

By Daniel Alpay

This can be a number of routines within the idea of analytic features, with accomplished and particular ideas. we want to introduce the coed to purposes and elements of the idea of analytic features now not continually touched upon in a primary direction. utilizing applicable routines we want to convey to the scholars a few points of what lies past a primary path in complicated variables. We additionally speak about themes of curiosity for electric engineering scholars (for example, the belief of rational capabilities and its connections to the idea of linear structures and kingdom area representations of such systems). Examples of vital Hilbert areas of analytic features (in specific the Hardy area and the Fock house) are given. The ebook additionally features a half the place correct proof from topology, sensible research and Lebesgue integration are reviewed.

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1) 30 Chapter 1. Complex Numbers: Algebra where q(z) is a polynomial of degree n − 1. This is called the factor theorem. 4 p. 11]. In particular, if we know that z0 , . . , zn−1 are the roots of p(z) (say, all different, for the present applications below), then n−1 (z − zk ), p(z) = an k=0 where an = 0 is the coefficient of z n in p(z). 1. 1). 2. Solve the following equations: 1 − z 2 + z 4 − z 6 = 0, 1 + z + · · · + z 7 = 0, (1 − z)n = (1 + z)n , (1 − z)n = z n . 5 p. 42] for the last equation in the last exercise.

1, ∞)). Note that sin z is not one-to-one on these lines. We now show that sin z is one-to-one and onto between the asserted domains. 6, the function sin z is one-to-one in the open strip L = {(x, y) ; x ∈ (−π/2, π/2) and y ∈ R} . In view of the discussion at the beginning of the proof, the image of this open strip is exactly C from which the lines (−∞, −1) and (1, ∞) have been removed. 8. 18): tan z = sin(2x) sinh(2y) +i . cos(2x) + cosh(2y) cos(2x) + cosh(2y) We now consider the second question, and show that tan(L) = C \ {z = it , t ∈ R and |t| ≥ 1} .

Thus we can always solve u2 sin2 z = 1+u 2 in L. We now turn to the third question. Let z ∈ L1 . We have | tan z| < 1 ⇐⇒ sin2 (2x) + sinh2 (2y) < cos2 (2x) + cosh2 (2y) + 2 cos(2x) cosh(2y) ⇐⇒ 1 − cos2 (2x) + cosh2 (2y) − 1 < cos2 (2x) + cosh2 (2y) + 2 cos(2x) cosh(2y) ⇐⇒ 0 < 2 cos(2x)(cos(2x) + cosh(2y)). This last equality is automatically met when x ∈ (− π4 , π4 ), and therefore the image of L1 under tan is the open unit disk. As a complement, we now compute the image of the boundary of the strip L1 .

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