A concise dictionary of Middle English by A. L. Mayhew, Walter W. Skeat

By A. L. Mayhew, Walter W. Skeat

A Concise Dictionary of heart English From A.D. 1150 To 1580.

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La révolution des fourmis (Le Livre De Poche)

D'un côté, les fourmis. Elles se demandent si nous sommes des monstres géants ou des dieux infinis. De l'autre, nous, les hommes. Au mieux, nous sommes indifférents à ces êtres minuscules. Au pire, nous nous acharnons à les écraser. Pourtant, après des millénaires d'incompréhension, les deux civilisations les plus évoluées de l. a. planète vont peut-être se rencontrer, se comprendre, se connaître enfin.

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This publication offers the 1st precise cartoon grammar of Nhanda, a Pama-Nyungan language of the primary coast of Western Australia almost immediately at the verge of extinction. This language used to be spoken alongside the decrease Murchison River, from Kalbarri inland, and south to present-day Northampton and Geraldton, yet has remained mostly unknown until eventually contemporary years.

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Simple Yiddish: A Grammar and Workbook contains an available reference grammar with similar routines in one quantity. The workbook is established around 25 brief units, each presenting relevant grammar issues which are explained using a number of examples in jargon-free language. uncomplicated Yiddish is appropriate for either category use in addition to autonomous research.

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