A Dictionary of Euphemisms & Other Doubletalk by Hugh Rawson

By Hugh Rawson


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See also PERSPIRE. anti-Semitic. Anti-Jewish. : "One third of Mr. Begin's prepared text was devoted to what he termed anti-Semitic remarks in the Egyptian press, although Arabs, too, are Semites" (New York Times, 1/24/78). "Anti-Semitic" is preferred to "anti-Jewish" because "Jew" is a loaded word. See also ARAB and HEBREW. apprehend. To arrest, to nab, police-ese. appropriate. To steal. 8, "appropriate" may be further embellished to cover particular kinds of thefts by particular thieves, e. , bank tellers who misappropriate and nations that expropriate.

They were expected to remain virgins until they married" (Barry McCarthy, What You Still Don't Know About Male Sexuality, 1977). To go all the way is the same as to go the whole route or the LIMIT. See also GO. alter. To castrate or spay, as in "It's time to have kitty altered. " In the nineteenth century, even farmers used alter, as well as the similarly bland change and arrange, in preference to "castrate. " See also BILATERAL ORCHIDECTOMY. altogether. Naked,- in one's BIRTHDAY SUIT. "Altogether" is an example of Reverse English, its euphemistic meaning, "without clothes," being almost precisely opposite its formal dictionary definition, "Completely .

Technically, and militarily, the poison gas is a chemical antipersonnel agent. ) Antipersonnel weapons began showing up in World War II, e. g. : "The antipersonnel mine . . was dramatically introduced by the Germans in the fall of 1939. . Its chief feature was an arrangement whereby the mine, on being tripped, was boosted out of the ground to about the height of a man's waist before exploding. It was really a bomb, which sprayed a wide area with shrapnel" (Reader's Digest, 12/42). "Antipersonnel mines" have earned themselves such loving sobriquets as Bouncing Betty, Hopping Sam, and Leaping Lena.

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