A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Prometheus Edition by Carlos Quiles, Fernando Lopez-Menchero

By Carlos Quiles, Fernando Lopez-Menchero

A Grammar of contemporary Indo-European is an entire reference consultant to a residing Indo-European language. It includes a accomplished description of Proto-Indo-European grammar, and gives an research of the complexities of the prehistoric language and its reconstruction from its descendant languages. Written in a clean and obtainable kind, and illustrated with maps, figures and tables, this e-book focusses at the actual styles of use of overdue Indo-European. The publication is definitely organised and is stuffed with complete, transparent motives of parts of misunderstanding and hassle. It additionally includes an in depth English - Indo-European, Indo-European - English vocabulary, in addition to precise etymological notes, designed to supply readers with a simple entry to the knowledge they require. a necessary reference resource for the coed of Indo-European as a discovered and dwelling language, this paintings will entice scholars of languages, classics, and the traditional global, in addition to to common readers attracted to the background of language, and in conversing the direct ancestor of the world's biggest language kin. during this detailed Prometheus variation, the language of the Engineers is totally analysed with texts from the unique script, and its good points are defined as one other Proto-Indo-European dialect, bearing on it to its probably resource: the overdue Indo-European department. a vital e-book for lovers of the fiction universe shared by way of Prometheus, Alien, Predator and Terminator franchises.

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34 Preface CONVENTIONS USED IN THIS BOOK 1. We try to keep a consistent nomenclature throughout the book, when referring to the different reconstructible stages of Proto-Indo-European (PIE). From PrePIH, highly hypothetical stage, only reconstructible through internal reconstruction, to the most conservative reconstruction of early LIE dialects (IEDs). Cel. PreGer. Sla. LIE) S-E IE PGk PreToch. MelloGk. -I. (PII) IndoAryan Iran. ProtoAnatolian (PAn) CA Anat. lang. NOTE. This is just a simplified summary to understand the following sections.

Hence the letter historically used to write [o] and [u] (in digraphs) stands for [u]. e. Proto-Greek is probably the nearest branch to the one Pre-Armenian actually belonged to, and it is therefore practical to retain equivalence between both scripts. 42 Preface Armenian diacritics (like the abbreviation mark proposed for long vowels) are defined as ‘modifier letters’, not as ‘combining diacritical marks’ in Unicode, so they do not combine as true superscript. Some fonts do combine them, as Everson Mono Ա՟ ա՟ Է՟ է՟ Օ՟ օ՟ Ի՟ ի՟ Ո՟ ո՟.

NOTE. Even though the vocabulary reconstructible for IEDs is indeed wider than the common Proto-Indo-European lexicon, a remark of Mallory–Adams (2007) regarding reconstructible PIE words is interesting, in that it shows another difficulty of trying to speak a common LIE or PIH: “To what extent does the reconstructed vocabulary mirror the scope of the original PIE language? The first thing we should dismiss is the notion that the language (any language) spoken in later prehistory was somehow primitive and restricted with respect to vocabulary.

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