A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Second Edition by Carlos Quiles, Fernando López-Menchero

By Carlos Quiles, Fernando López-Menchero

A Grammar of contemporary Indo-European is an entire reference consultant to a contemporary, revived Indo-European language. It features a accomplished description of Proto-Indo-European grammar and provides an research of the complexities of the prehistoric language and its reconstruction. Written in a clean and obtainable sort, this e-book makes a speciality of the true styles of use in a latest Europe's Indo-European language. The publication is easily prepared and is full of complete, transparent reasons of parts of...

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D. , and by the modern dialects of ·Mahri, Qarawi (or Garwi), and Soqotri. . --· . . · § l)e Ethiopic group repreSents the last great Semitic migration, prooaoly some·centuries before the Christian era, allQ finds its closest affinities in South Ara bic. It is divided into Ethiopic proper (also called Gc'ez), first, appearing on Aksiimite inscriptjon~?. of tjle 4th cent. D. t day), anc! ; strongly influenced by Cushite), Gafat, Argobba, Haran, and Guriigi'\, - .. · ... · - · ·- · · \' - · ..

Heb. 'in~/3ey 'grapes' beside 'tna{J (Ace. 'inbu, Syr. 'enb~Oa, Arab. e. *miqdM ( *miqdas ( *miqada8); qaii§a8o8am 'their bows' beside ~safJoO (Ace. qastu, Syr. qesta, Eth. qast, P-S *qa8t- ( *qasat-) . l. GEMINATION AND SIMPLIFICATION I VG i, § 41 v-no; KVG § 9 D; P § 48; Z § 14; B-L i, § 24; G-B i, § 24.! § s8.. (a) Gemination. Secondary gemination (geminations etymologically justified are not considered here) occurs when a short vowel plus a doubled consonant corresponds to a long vowel plus a single consonant.

It appears more probable, however, that the -ni of ktLmllni is the verbal pronominal suffix used instead of the nominal suffix -i (see§§ 236, 238) to prevent hiatus, and the other instances of (n)n are nominal (or adjectival) formatives (cf. ). luspas 'flaked, scaled', kurbal being dissimilated (cf. § 40) from *kulbal or *kurbar (cf. Ace. karballatu 'head-covering', Syr. karbalalia 'cock's comb'). No indubitable examples of inorganic consonants seem quotable in Hebrew. K. , g<; B -L i, §§ 13, 26 g-n; G- B i, § 29-1 11 § 65.

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