A history of buoys and tenders by Amy K Marshall

By Amy K Marshall

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In contemporary many years, historians trying to comprehend the transition from the realm of past due antiquity with its unitary imperial process to the medieval Europe of separate kingdoms became more and more concerned about the function of early medieval gentes, or peoples, in any case of the previous and the structure of the latter.

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188 56. L. Antonius Julianus T. Flavius Pompeianus Ant. Pius No. 107 57. [----] 58. [----] Ant. ) M. ) No. 189 No. 191 QVIN QVIN Fuscus [Ma]ximus The following Corinthianswere granted the ornamentaof duovir. Five were also voted the omamenta of duovir quinquennalis, and one, L. Antonius Priscus, was also granted the ornamenta of praefect. These men did not actually serve in office, but were voted their honorary titles by the decurionesin return for generous gifts or services to the colony; one may presume that the greater the services, the greater were the ornamenta.

043 m. 047 m. " 52. P1. 8. Inv. 1154a, 1281, 1401, 1713. Four fragments of a white marble slab, three of which are adjoining. The three contiguous pieces were found in the southeast area of the Agora, in April and November, 1933, and in May, 1934; the fourth piece (Inv. 1713) was found in the South Basilica in April, 1936. ; width, ca. 086 m. 01 m. along each vertical edge. These vertical margins, plus a pin-hole preserved in the top side, ca. 18 m. from the original upper right corner, suggest that the original slab was held in place by being thrust into vertical slots.

Iterum) C. Julius Hera[clanus] (iterum) 22. A. Arrius Proclus QVIN QVIN 23. C. Julius C. f. Laco M. Barbatius M. f. Celer, praef. d. QVIN Edwards, Nos. 36-39 No. 156 17/18(2) 24. Q. Barbatius Celer, praef. ) 25. M. Barbatius M. f. Celer Manius Acilius West, Nos. 67, 80 West, p. 63. West, No. 80 and 22/23 commentary No. C. , No. 523 27. L. Arrius Peregrinus L. Furius Labeo ca. 29 Edwards, Nos. 39-43 28. T. Manlius T. f. Juvencus, praef. d. 29. T. Manlius T. f. Juvencus 32/33(2) No. 154; West, No.

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