A Parting of the Ways: Carnap, Cassirer, and Heidegger by Michael Friedman

By Michael Friedman

Starting with a war of words in 1929 in Switzerland, Michael Friedman examines how the paintings of 3 pivotal philosophers advanced and intertwined over a number of years, eventually giving upward push to 2 very diversified faculties of inspiration - analytic philosophy and continental. the writer explores the clashes that set them aside as they built their very own radical new principles.

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Ne:urath, 1932 (1981), pp. 572-3). Orthmar Spann was an e:spe:cially virule:nt Austrian-Catholic right-wing ide:ologue: of the: time:: compare: note: 7 'lbove:. 26. Se:e:, tor e:xamplc:, the: re:marks (made: in 1933) in [Ne:lIf

Neurath strongly criticized this neutralist attitude, which in his opinion gave aid and comtorr to the enemies of social progress. [Carnap, 1963a, pp. 22-23] 19. For a comprehensive treatment of Neurath 's thought in its political context see [Cartwright, et. , 1996]. Sc:c: also, and c:spc:cially, [Uebd, 1996]. 16 Chapter 2 ln spite of the ditlèrence of opinion benveen Neurath and the other members of the Cirele at certain points, we certainly owed very much to his collaboration. Of particular importance to me personally was his emphasis on the connection between our philosophical activity and the great historical processes going on in the world: Philosophy leads to an impro\'ement in scientitlc ways of thinking and thereby to a better understanding of ail that is going on in the world, both in nature and in socicty; this understanding in turn serves to improve human life.

23 Carnap expresses this last idea in stronger and more militant tenns, however, in the second lecture version of "Überwindung der Metaphysik," presented at Berlin and Brünn in J uly and December 1932. In this version the lecture closes with a discussion of the positive task of the method of logical analysis (that is, the clarification of the sentences of science) and, in particular, with the following words: These indications [are presented] only so that one will not think that the Jtrugglc [Kampf] againJt metaphyJicJ iJ our primary taJk.

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